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Collagen wound pad > Application


  1. Clean the wound. If the wound is suppurating or a necrotic coagulum has formed, debride the wound.
  2. Adjust the collagen wound pad to fit the size of the wound, or, in case of large injuries, place in the wound cavity.
  3. If there is little or no wound exudates, moisten the dressing with a suitable cleansing solution, such as Ringer ́s solution.
  4. Gentle pressure encourages contact with the wound surface.
  5. Fix the pad in place with a secondary dressing. Depending on the amount of exudates, it may be advisable to use absorbent compresses, hydropolymer foams or semipermeable film dressings.
Use of the collagen wound pads

Advantaged of collagen wound pads

  • Easy to use
  • Safe to apply
  • High compatibility
  • Does not have an unpleasant natural odour
  • Fully absorbed
  • Does not stick to wound bed
  • Painless dressing changes