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Modern wound treatment


Chronic wounds mean that patients’ quality of life is considerably restricted, ranging from pain and limited mobility to social isolation. Moist wound treatments can accelerate the healing process compared with traditional dry treatments.

Moist wound treatment

wound treatment

Efficient moist wound treatment must fulfil two requirements: it must absorb the exudate and create a moist wound environment. There is no risk of the wound drying out or the wound dressing sticking to the wound bed, as is often the case with dry treatment. It can be used for both chronic and acute wounds and when wound healing is restricted, disrupted or delayed.

Products used in moist wound treatment, such as collagen membrane, are particularly appropriate for wounds healing by secondary intention, when the main focus is on the defect being filled in with newly formed tissue. This is because autolytic processes are far better and faster in a warm, moist environment than when it is dry and encrusted, meaning that this type of treatment helps the wound close faster. As collagen membranes are fully absorbent, this also puts an end to painful dressing changes.

To produce the collagen membranes, medichema® GmbH uses Type I porcine collagen. The pure collagen is extracted and conditioned with special treatment phases. As a biomaterial, its special features are a combination of tolerability and its positive effect on all wound healing phases.