mediCipio ® A

The hemostat – Easy. Proved.

The medical device mediCipio ® A is a completely absorbable hemostatic agent made from oxidized, regenerated cellulose (ORC) and porcine collagen, without the use of human fibrinogen and thrombin. The patented two-layered structure of mediCipio A combines the reliable hemostyptic effect, absorbency and adhesiveness of the ORC layer with stability, compatibility and wound-healing properties of the collagen layer.



mediCipio ® A is induced for use in open or minimally invasive surgery. Thereby it can be used to support tissue sealing as well as postoperative hemostasis, especially in case of oozing or pooling/confluent bleeding.


In a prospective, randomised clinical trial*, mediCipio® A was shown to be as effective in inducing hemostasis as a product based on human thrombin and fibrinogen. The advantageous properties in the application of mediCipio ® A have been demonstrated in the following areas of application, e.g.:

  • General and viszeral surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • Gynecologie
  • Urology


* Published in Journal of Visceral Surgery:

Advantages and benefits


Easy. To handle.


  • Ready to use - without prior moistening
  • Easy and flexible adaptation of the soft fleece to the wound
  • Does not stick to the glove or instruments
  • Suitable for use in the trocar
  • Easy to store
  • No documentation obligation according to the Transfusion Act


Effective. To achieve hemostasis.


  • Proven in hemostasis
  • No discoloration in contact with blood – allows assessment of hemostatis
  • Applicable in the vicinity of nerves
  • No allergenic additives, no risks from human thrombin und fibrinogen
  • Completely resorbable

Product versions
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5 x 10 2 14174904 0701197926356

The products are provided in individual sterile packages.

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